A Third of Children Globally May Have Dangerous Levels of Lead in Their Blood, According to a New Report

One in three kids globally have harmful ranges of lead of their blood that might trigger long-term bodily and psychological well being issues, in line with a brand new report, with nearly all of kids affected in low and middle-income international locations.

The analysis—performed by the Institute for Well being Metrics and Analysis and revealed by Unicef in collaboration with Pure Earth on Thursday—discovered that as much as 800 million kids globally have lead ranges at or above 5 micrograms per decilitre, an quantity that may diminish a baby’s IQ rating by 3-5 factors and will result in elevated violence, in line with the report.

Most affected kids are in low and middle-income international locations, with South Asia accounting for half of the worldwide whole. India has the biggest variety of kids with lead poisoning, with greater than 275 million kids with blood lead ranges of greater than 5 micrograms per decilitre.

“With few early signs, lead silently wreaks havoc on kids’s well being and growth, with presumably deadly penalties,” mentioned Henrietta Fore, Unicef Govt Director in a press launch. “Understanding how widespread lead air pollution is—and understanding the destruction it causes to particular person lives and communities—should encourage pressing motion to guard kids as soon as and for all.”

The report says e-waste, mining, paints and poorly recycled lead batteries are among the many sources of poisoning. For instance, kids in lots of areas inhale the fumes from casual battery recycling operations and open-air smelters.

Whereas publicity to excessive ranges of lead will be lethal, decrease ranges can nonetheless have long-term well being impacts, notably for youngsters whose brains are nonetheless creating. For kids underneath the age of 5, lead publicity is especially harmful and linked to psychological well being points and behavioral issues. Youngsters uncovered to steer are additionally extra more likely to dwell in poorer areas the place there may be insufficient entry to colleges, nutritious meals and medical care. Lead publicity may have an effect on older kids, by inflicting kidney injury and cardiovascular illnesses.

However though the report rings an alarm bell about lead poisoning worldwide, it does provide hope.

“The excellent news is that lead will be recycled safely with out exposing staff, their kids, and surrounding neighborhoods. Lead-contaminated websites will be remediated and restored,” mentioned Richard Fuller, President of Pure Earth. “Folks will be educated in regards to the risks of lead and empowered to guard themselves and their kids. The return on the funding is gigantic: improved well being, elevated productiveness, larger IQs, much less violence, and brighter futures for tens of millions of youngsters throughout the planet.”


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